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Meet our Beautiful Boy

IMG_7067 2.JPG


We welcome this beautiful boy to Brookside Labradors as a future hopeful! Oakley comes to us from Green Gables’ Absolute Truth “Hogan” Green Gables’ Mountaintop Experience "Aspen."Oakley is one of the most beautiful types of this breed. He has a wonderful disposition that compliments his beautiful structure. We have had high hopes for this little guy since the day he came home as a puppy.

W: 3/12/21
OFA Elbows/Hip pending

CAER pending

Cardiac pending
EIC—Clear Embark
CNM—Clear Embark
DM—Clear Embark
HNPK—Clear Embark
RD/OSD—Clear; SD—Clear Embark

90-100 lbs


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