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We want to welcome you to meet our family. Here at Brookside, our breeders are Kalli and Kerri. We are twin sisters! We have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into a successful and growing breeding program.

Our breeding program was created with the purpose of raising excellent labradors from versatile bloodlines, so your dog fits exactly what you are looking for. We live together with our dogs and begin socializing and introducing them to our busy family. We work with your future family member for a successful transition to your home in every way possible.


We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, which makes us proud and confident in our dogs and offspring they produce.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our Brookside Lab's are going home to a loving and welcoming family.

black, yellow, chocolate brookside labrador
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Animal Welfare Comes First

At Brookside Labradors, we continue to care about our animals long after they leave us. As such, it’s our strict policy to only sell to individuals; we will never sell to pet shops or brokers. To make sure our animals get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners. Contact us to find out more about our process.

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